After living in Sierra Leone for eight months over the past year and a half, Jerome and Shanna Crawford are back in Oklahoma -- but their calling as missionaries to Sierra Leone is far from over! After much prayer and assessment, the board of directors has decided it is best to shift our focus to multiple short-term trips and send specialized teams to address specific needs.

Even though the Crawford Family is no longer living in Africa full time, we still have expenses related to maintaining the compound there, which must be kept in good working order for teams to be safe and for the efficiency of our ministry operations. These expenses will be trimmed to the bare minimum. Moving forward, our main need will be airfare and travel expenses for Jerome and Shanna to lead mission teams to Sierra Leone four times per year. As of now, we have taken in nearly 100 new kids over the past year, so the Crawfords need to travel as much as possible to ensure the orphanages are running smoothly and the kids' needs are being met.

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