Founded in October 2010, Komeo International Ministries is dedicated to sharing the gospel and caring for orphans in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Over the past few years, Komeo has established a child sponsorship program for more than 200 children and has developed partnerships with other non-profit organizations and businesses to leverage support for the orphanage and surrounding villages in Sierra Leone. Komeo led its first team mission trip to Sierra Leone in July 2011.

The Story Behind Our Name:

"Komeo" (pronounced ko-MAY-o) is an ancient Greek word meaning "tend to" or "take care of." After choosing the name through much prayer and consideration, we learned that the word also has a very significant meaning in one of the African tribal languages spoken in Sierra Leone, West Africa. The phrase "kom mio" in Temne actually means "to give birth to" and it is what orphans cry out to people when they are asking for someone to take care of them! It's also what people cry out when they ask God to be their heavenly father. We believe our name was God-given!!