20 Kids in 20 Days campaign launched!

We are excited to launch our 20 Kids in 20 Days campaign. Our goal is to get 20 unsponsored kids at least one sponsor by the end of May. For more information check out our campaign page.


July Trip Dates Announced!

We will be returning to Sierra Leone on July 16th through the 30th to do construction on the orphanage and a medical clinic. Cost of the trip will be $3000. Feel free to donate towards the trip if you feel so led.


Komeo Update and Exciting News!

Edmond, February 28, 2017 – Komeo International Ministries board members are excited to announce a new mission trip that will take place on March 20. It’s been a year since members of Komeo,, embarked on a mission to Sierra Leone, and they feel God is telling them that now is the time to return.

“We haven’t had a trip in a year and a lot of that was due to Ebola. We haven’t been getting letters, which is the heart of what we want to do,” Jerome Crawford, Komeo Founder said. “We want sponsors to be able to communicate and minister to their kids and their kids to minister to them. I want to apologize because in the last year we kind of slowed down a little bit and one of the things that we feel like we’ve really failed at is communications and letting sponsors know what’s going on with their kids.”

Komeo has made it a priority to increase communication with sponsors. Currently, they’re restructuring the database to help unify the system to get sponsors better and quicker information on their children. Board members believe this will help with growth, updates and communication.

Jerome and Shanna Crawford need to raise $6,400 for their upcoming trip. They’d also like to raise another $3,000 to do outreaches in surrounding communities that they’ve built relationships with over the years.

“We want to get back to doing the Lord’s work there and help the children we love there,” Jerome continued. “We need you guys to join with us and to donate and pray.”

Shanna Crawford, Komeo Founder, expressed gratitude, “I just want to thank you guys for all of your prayers and support over these last nine years that God has called us on this journey. We could not do this without you and just like with all of our other trips, we need your prayers, your encouragement, your support. I’m excited to go back and spend time with these older kids - some we’ve discipled since they were little bitty.”

The Crawfords will also be meeting new children in the orphanage. More than 100 children were placed in the orphanage in the aftermath of the Ebola crisis. The orphanage houses 250 children total, and only 40% or 50% of those children have a sponsor.

Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Shana Gibelyou, Komeo President, said, “In January, Komeo received $3,700 in sponsorship donations, but we need to send $4,000 every month just for food for the kids. We need more sponsors, we need to send more funding over, we need to be able to meet needs that are beyond just food. We need to pay for education and medical needs and be able to maintain the orphanage. But we want to thank you for the sponsors we have, we need you.”

Edmond couple helping restore Christmas to Sierra Leone

Edmond, November 23, 2015
– As most people are gearing up for the start of the holidays, one Edmond couple is preparing to restore the meaningful time of year to a country that lost the holiday season last year. During the height of the Ebola breakout, the Sierra Leone government passed a law that officially cancelled Christmas. This year Jerome and Shanna Crawford are heading back during the holidays with a Komeo International Ministries,, project called Restoring Christmas.

“Our goal is to return the joy of Christmas to more than 200 orphans we support and Ebola-affected communities,” Jerome Crawford said.

Recently, Sierra Leone was declared Ebola free, but the aftermath of Ebola remains.

Jerome continued, “It’s a new day for the children in the orphanages. We hope to return what was stolen from them last year. It’s more than just about restoring Christmas, it’s also about sharing the love of Christ.”

Jerome and Shanna will be in Sierra Leone for three weeks. They’ll be celebrating Christmas with the orphans and are currently collecting gifts to give to the children. They’re also raising money to help fund the project. Some of the needs for the orphanages are for a full-time nurse, 45 beds and food for a year. They’ll also be distributing 30 tons of food to Ebola-affected communities. Komeo hopes to raise $50,000 by December 20.

“It’s going to be tough that we’re not going to be with own kids on Christmas,” Jerome admitted. “But we’ll be spending time at both orphanages and watching each child open a present specifically for them.”

The entire Crawford family of eight lived in Sierra Leone, West Africa as missionaries and have done numerous mission trips there for the last seven years. Together with Komeo they bring food, medical supplies and clothing to two orphanages and surrounding remote villages. Through their child sponsorship program, children are provided with food, clothing, education and medical care. Komeo hopes 30 more orphans will have sponsors by Christmas. Donations can be mailed or given online at